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Buy Design came up one night as I was busy drawing up designs for a client. When I work with you, I will often present three hand painted drawings and you choose your favourite one, which I will then make up for you.

This year I have decided to launch my first “Range” if you will, of Pendants. A series of once off pieces that will be made up in either Gold or Silver, once the design is purchased.

When bought, the design will be made in either Gold or Silver, and then never again! These are once-off pieces.

You get your very own unique piece. It’s not new for me to work this way, but in this case I am coming to you with designs instead of you coming to me first.

Step 1: CHOOSE your favourite Design from below

Step 2: BUY your one-of-a-kind Design in Gold or Silver 

Step 3: SHOW OFF your new Tyldesley Jewellers piece

Contact us to secure your once-off design!

* Waiting Time is 3 weeks from Day of Purchase. Pieces are priced according to the Stones chosen. Local delivery fee R120, International fee R600

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