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Caitlin Tyldesley

Jewellery Designer and Maker

So, What's your Background?

I was born in Windhoek, Namibia and brought up on a small holding just outside of the city. Some of my best memories are of the “farm”. Because my father was big into Nature Conservation we always had animals around. Everything from chickens to geese to fish to rabbits to horses and snakes. We had a LOT of snakes! Dad was known as the snake man.

From Namibia we moved to South Africa in 2003 and stayed in a small town called Grabouw and I attended school in Paarl where I spent my high school career. It was there that I first got into Jewellery Design. I did Jewellery Design as an art subject for the last 3 years of high school, it was there that my passion and appreciation for Jewellery Design really took off. From there I went to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to study the art further. I started working at boutique stores while studying and once done, I spent a year at one of the top Jewellery companies in South Africa. I have been in this industry for 18 years.

What's your favourite Stone & Metal?

My favourite stone is anything cut in an emerald cut. I love the lines and the way the light shines through the stone. My dream piece would be an emerald stone, cut in the emerald shape set in yellow gold. Whether it be a single emerald set in a ring or an emerald half eternity band, I’m not that fussy…

What part of the process of making Jewellery is the hardest and the most fun?

The process I find the most difficult is drawing up what I have in my head and making it look good on paper. Not only look good but also draw up a design that we can actually turn into a beautiful piece of jewellery. You have to consider angles, size of stones, spaces between the stones and general construction. I work with two incredible goldsmiths that help bring all my ideas to light. The best part of what I do is meeting amazing people that I get to make beautiful jewellery for. Building relationships and getting to know you on a personal level through jewellery is what I live for.

What is your favorite job? (E.g. re-modelling a piece with a back story etc)

I love designing engagement rings. There is something so beautiful when you get to go on a journey with a couple that will be the start of their future together. It is incredibly special and I value every moment of it.

How do you find inspiration?

I get my inspiration from you, the client. Every person is different and therefore every piece is different and a challenge. I create custom, once off pieces, specifically designed for you and you as an individual are my inspiration.

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